What do you like about beaches?  With the soft sand touching your feet, warm sunlight, and refreshing and crystal-clear water, beaches are the most blissful place to relax. But there are more activities that you can do at a beach to make your vacation more fun and memorable. Here are 5 activities to make a great beach vacation.

Have a nice picnic

(Source: Photo by Aldeen Li on Unsplash )

Preparing and having a nice picnic in a beautiful landscape is a great group activity to have during a vacation, especially at the beach. Pack your favorite foods and share them with your friends and families, and enjoy each other's company surrounded by the relaxing vibe of the beach. Aside from a good bonding activity, a picnic is also less expensive which is a good option for you who want to have a holiday on a tight budget.

Remember to prepare all the essentials and find out about the beach's rules and restrictions, for example, some beaches prohibit alcoholic beverages so it is best to leave them at home. Last but not least, make sure you bring all your trash back home or throw it into the appropriate bins, don't ruin other people's experience while you are having fun.

Enjoy various water activities

Some beaches, especially the ones that are famous as a tourist attraction will have various water activities available for you to do. This can range from jet ski rental, banana boat ride, snorkelling, and many more. Water activities are good for those who look for a more thrilling and exciting experience, what is the point of going to the beach if you are not willing to get wet anyway?

If somehow the beach doesn't have any specific water activity to rent, you can go with the simplest option and take a dip in the sea. Just make sure that you know it is safe to do so.

Sunbathe while listening to music

(Source Photo by Matheus Vinicius on Unsplash )

As mentioned before, the beach is a good place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of your daily routines, especially in good weather. Find a nice seating place or flat surface and enjoy the warm sunlight touching your skin while listening to music or reading a book. Beach like Lagoi Beach offers rentable bean bags so you can maximize your comfort while sunbathing. You can also prepare a cold drink, and a sun cream if you need one.

Take memorable pictures

One thing that you shouldn't miss on your vacation is taking photos of your trip. It's great if you're able to pack yourself a nice, professional camera, but you don't really need to. Phone camera nowadays is more than enough for you to take social media-worthy photos. So your phone and creativity are all you need. Beaches will have more than enough things that you can use as your photo object. You can also mix and match your photos with various photo filters available online for a better social media post.

Work out and stay fit

Who says that going on vacation has to stop you from working out? You can do a lot of activities to stay healthy including a simple stroll along the shore, yoga, or more intense sports like jogging on the sand or beach volleyball. Working out on the beach not only makes you stay fit but also helps you ease your mind with the sound of waves and the cool coastal breeze.

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