If you are planning on visiting Bintan Island and looking for a leisure city tour, then Tanjungpinang is your best choice. Just a short trip from Singapore, Tanjungpinang is the largest city in Bintan Island and it packs numerous fascinating spots, culinary, and activities for you to choose from. Here is a guide to some of the iconic places in Tanjungpinang.

Dompak Bridge

Constructed in 2010, this 1.5 Km-long bridge connects Dompak Island and Tanjungpinang. Besides acting as the connector, this bridge is also a recreation place, jogging or cycling track, and where people can find a variety of street food stalls. The bridge's unique architecture also makes it a nice photo-spot. Visit this bridge at the right time, and you'll get to witness the magnificent sunset on the horizon.

Tepi Laut

Translated as "seaside", Tepi Laut is Tanjungpinang's seaside city-center where you can find a space for the locals to spend their leisure time. Whether you want to take pictures near the iconic Gedung Gonggong, try various street food, have fun in the playground, or just sit on the bench while enjoying the sea breeze and picturesque sunset, Tepi Laut is a top recommendation.

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Monument

Located near Tepi Laut, this monument was built in 1998 to commemorate the services of Raja Haji Fisabilillah as a Malay hero who came from Riau including improving the region's economic and social politics during the Netherlands colonization in Indonesia. With its relatively high altitude, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the sea which is certainly a great photo spot.

Grand Mosque of Sultan Riau

This mosque is the icon of Penyengat Island. Although not exactly located in Tanjungpinang, The Grand Mosque has become the must-visit landmark for those who visit Tanjungpinang or Bintan Island in general. Just 10 minutes boat ride from Tanjungpinang Pier, this mosque along with the island itself holds countless mementos and historical sites left from the old Malay Kingdom. If you are a history geek or interested in Malay cultures and histories, in particular, this is the place for you.

Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha

This largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia is one of the spots that you shouldn't miss when you visit Tanjungpinang. Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha is packed with intricate oriental motifs and sculptures of various Chinese deities, including the largest indoor Guan Yin statue according to MURI (the Indonesian Record Museum). Situated on top of the hill surrounded by a picturesque dragon fruit plantation, this temple emits a serene vibe while also offering an unparalleled scenic landscape.

Gedung Gonggong

Gedung Gonggong is one of the iconic buildings in Tanjungpinang with its unique architecture that resembles a gonggong shell, a type of sea snail found in waters surrounding Bintan. Situated in the area of Tepi Laut, this building serves as an information center, especially for tourists. Surrounded by playgrounds, parks, and the peerless view of the sea, Gedung Gonggong is a perfect spot for relaxation. Make sure you visit this place while you are in Tanjungpinang!

Aside from this list, there are a lot more worthy places to visit around Tanjungpinang during your vacation in Bintan Island. Explore and get lost in the relaxing and culture-rich atmosphere of this seaside city, or get a hassle-free experience traversing Tanjungpinang and get the most essential from this city with our Tanjung Pinang City Wanderer tour package.