When you first arrive at Bintan Island for a short getaway, it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to decide how to spend your time considering the numerous choices Bintan Island has to offer. Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you an itinerary to spend your one-day getaway on Bintan Island.



After you arrive at Bandar Bintan Telani ferry terminal, we recommend you visit various interesting locations within Lagoi. Our first recommendation for you is Safari Lagoi Eco Farm. As Bintan’s sole refuge center for endangered Indonesian fauna, the animals and birds conserved in Safari Lagoi Eco Farm have been mainly rescued from the illegal pet trade and exotic meat markets. Most are deemed to be incapable of survival if released back in the wild and are provided with continued quality care. Safari Lagoi houses many endangered animals including Sumatran tigers and komodo dragons among many others. Here, you can also see a wide variety of tropical crops and take pictures of the cultivated lavender and sunflower patches to fill your social media feed.



The next place in our recommendation is Lagoi Beach. With around 10 minutes' driving from the Safari Lagoi Eco Farm, Lagoi Beach is the best place to familiarize yourself with the relaxing vibe of Bintan Island. Enjoy a variety of activities including team sports like beach volleyball, relaxing kayak ride, the exciting jet ski ride, or simply relax on the beach. After that, you can have a scrumptious lunch at Warung Yeah, which is located exactly in front of the beach.



Begin your journey to explore Bintan Island by venturing outside of the Lagoi area. Visit Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha (also commonly known as Guan Yin Temple) which houses the tallest statues of the Goddess of Mercy in Southeast Asia. This temple is located around 50 km (1-hour drive) from the Bintan Resorts area. Explore the grounds of the temple and find intricate motifs and sculptures of other Chinese deities. An impressive expanse of dragon fruit plantation sits right at the front of the temple, providing a great backdrop to insta-worthy pictures captured during the day.



Proceed to our next recommendation which is Penyengat Island. Pulau Penyengat is an offshore island from Tanjung Pinang known as the royal abode of the kings. You can reach this island by riding a traditional motorized boat or better known as pompong for about 15 to 20 minutes from the Tanjung Pinang Pier.

On this island, you can visit the iconic Masjid Raya Sultan Riau (Sultan of Riau’s Grand Mosque). It is rumored that a large part of the mosque was made of egg-whites since it is considered a strong bonding agent for the structure. Penyengat Island also has other historical and cultural spots for you to visit including the Royal Cemetery, Bukit Kursi, and many others. There is also a tour package run by the locals where you can visit most of the key points on the island with a bicycle along with a local tour guide who will explain the stories behind each location. If you are a history buff, you will certainly enjoy spending your time on this island.



Go back to Tanjung Pinang and head to Taman Tepi Laut. This seaside park is a great place to enjoy the sunset. Tepi Laut is Tanjungpinang's seaside city-center where you can find a space for the locals to spend their leisure time. Whether you want to take pictures near the iconic Gedung Gonggong, try various street food, have fun in the playground, or just sit on the bench while enjoying the sea breeze and picturesque sunset, Tepi Laut is a top recommendation.



After your exhausting day, you deserve a mouth-watering dinner. While Tanjungpinang has numerous interesting culinary destinations, if you are looking for a rich street food experience there is no better place than Akau Potong Lembu. This place is one of the popular nightspots in Tanjungpinang, famous for its affordable and delicious local street food. Akau Potong Lembu offers a wide variety of food including Seafood, Chinese, Padangnese, and Malay cuisines. Once you treat your taste buds to the rich flavor of the local cuisines, it is time for you to go back and enjoy the comfort of your accommodation back at Bintan Resorts.