Bintan as part of the Riau archipelago is considered one of Indonesia’s many tropical paradises. With the size of around 1,173 square kilometers (453 square miles), Bintan offers dozens of pristine coastal lines and beautiful beaches that will surely cater to your desire for a warm and calming vacation, especially for your short trips from Singapore. From the lively Lagoi Bay Beach to the secluded Senggiling Beach, Bintan has everything you’re looking for. To save your time looking for which beach that suits your taste, here is our recommendation for the 5 best beaches in Bintan that surely deserve a spot on your travel bucket list.

Trikora Coast

On the eastern coastline of Bintan, lies the Trikora Coast, a pristine hide-out from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still easily accessible. Trikora Coast has four beaches, each leading into crystal clear waters of blue and teal. All these four beaches are open to the public, and fairly accessible as long as you can get a hold of a vehicle since Trikora is not a part of any public transportation route. While you’re visiting, there is no need to worry about the lack of things to do around Trikora, facilities including accommodation, restaurants, washroom, gazebo, and various water activities are abundant along this coast, especially at Beach Point 3 and 4. 

If you are staying in any of the accommodation in this area, one of the things that you would not want to miss is the breathtaking sunrise. Another highlight of this coast is the Grotto Santa Maria, a hidden gem located in the depths of Beach Point 4’s area. This tranquil site is the home of the ’14 Stations of the Cross’ and the beautifully preserved statue of the Virgin Mary. Trikora is the best choice for those who look for an all-in-one destination. This amazing beach is also a part of the Trail of Sea Gypsies Tour from Bintan Resorts Tour.


Sakera Beach

Bintan Sakera Beach


Most of the beaches in Bintan are occupied by resorts, therefore you’ll have to pay admission fees to enter. But, if you are traveling on a budget, Sakera is your best choice. This beach is relatively easy to reach with just 13 minutes’ drive from the heart of Tanjung Uban, the second largest town in Bintan Island. Like most beaches in Bintan, Sakera is decorated with soft, white sand and blue wave-less sea, perfect for those who look for tranquility. If you come here during low tide, you will also get the chance to witness the locals gathering at the beach in the search of various marine life like small fish, clams, and snails for food. Since Sakera is located on the west side of the island, the main attraction on this beach is the gorgeous sunset, come here at the right time, and experience the absolute eye candy.

Kampung Baru Beach

Even though this beach is located inside the Bintan Resorts area, it is not part of any resorts. Kampung Baru is the contrast of the “polished” and “all-inclusive” vibe of its surroundings, boosting the sense of adventure and back-to-nature. This beach is uncrowded most of the time, with only the locals visiting, perfect for those who seek tranquility. One of the main points of this location is the presence of the Bintan Sea Turtle Conservation, where you may participate in any sea turtle conservation movement. This conservation is managed by the locals, and if you happen to come at the right time, you might be able to see or even join the baby sea turtle release.

There are two ways to reach this beach, one through the Banyan Tree resort, or if you’re up for the challenge, you can navigate through the off-road path using motorcycle if the weather is permitting. If you wish to spend the rest of your night outdoors, it is also possible to set a camp or hammock in the beach area, just remember that this beach has almost no facilities such as toilet or washroom and please be mindful of your surroundings.

Senggiling Beach

Senggiling beach Bintan Island


With many coastlines in Bintan, there are bound to be some untouched, beautiful beaches. One of those hidden paradises is Senggiling Beach. Located in the northernmost part of Bintan, this beach is facing directly to the South China Sea, this almost-untouched beach will give you the true vibe of a pristine beach. Decorated by numerous palm trees, white sand, and beautifully-shaped rocks, this beach is the best depiction of how an exotic tropical beach should look.

Compared to the other beaches on this list, Senggiling Beach is not as easy to access. The best way to reach this beach is by a two-wheeler because, at some point, you will need to pass through a checkpoint and some clove plantations on a dirt road and which is inaccessible by car. After that, you’ll need to leave your vehicle and walk through bushes before you reach this beautiful beach. Even though it’s not easy to reach, the breathtaking view of Senggiling Beach is worth your effort.

Lagoi Beach

Bintan Island Lagoi Beach

Lagoi is the “holiday paradise” in Bintan. This 23.000-hectare area is packed with various resorts and tourist attractions. Among those attractions is the next beach on our list, Lagoi Beach. The pristine coastal stretch is at 3.5-kilometer long and is the only public beach in Bintan Resorts. The beach is calm, with low tides, allowing you to relax while enjoying the vast panoramic view of the vast South China Sea.

Looking for exciting actions? Gear up for a wide variety of water-based activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. Located near Plaza Lagoi, place to refresh yourself like convenience stores, cafés, gift shops, various restaurants, and the trick eye museum called Rumah Imaji are within your reach. On the weekends, numerous stalls selling street foods will also present near the plaza, and you can enjoy them while you bask yourself in the warm sun.